Cosmic Space Knights of (doom)

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Cosmic Space Knights of (doom)

Postby Doghouse » Sun Apr 15, 2007 6:52 am


The Cosmic Space Knights (of doom)

+++Chapter Cross-Reference - Cosmic Space Knights (of doom)+++
+++Inquisitorial Clearance - Oh...I don't know...let's
+++Current Chapter Base: Fortress monestry known as "The Frat House"+++
+++This recording is available from all good record stores+++


The exact founding of the Cosmic Space Knights (of doom) is...well to be honest your guess is as good as mine. There is great debate between the Masters of the Chapter as to who their Progenitor Chapter is as well, initially they were thought to be successors of the Ultramarines but then someone pointed out that Space Wolves were a bit more flexible when it came to Codex organisation, prayers and schedules and stuff. After a few too many serious drinking sessions that resulted in the destruction of the Chapter Master's personal Thunderhawk they decided to rethink things and agreed that they were infact Blood Angels successors.
The whole unquenchable rage thing and drinking blood wasn't really working out for them so they became Black Templars but after a few Crusades went rather badly for them they switched back to Ultramarines before finally settling on Dark Angels because they are all dark, brooding and mysterious which is pretty cool.

The Artificer Crisis
During the thirty eighth...or was it the thirty wait...I'm pretty sure it was the thirty eighth millenium the Chapter faced it's greatest challenge to date. Due to the constant switching of Progenitor Chapters the Artificers were getting a bit fed up of having to repaint the Chapter's suits of power armour all the time. Together with the Serfs they formed the Union of Servitors and Chapter Serfs and promptly when on strike.
After lengthy negotiations with Supreme Grand Chapter Master Slab Benchpress it was agreed that they would only paint the shoulder pads of the armour in chapter colours, in return the Chapter Master agreed not to abandoon them all on the nearest Tyranid infested world.

The Chapter is fleet based after their homeworld was tragically destroyed. Exact details are unknown but it is thought to have had something to do with a couple of bored Scouts playing "shoot the can off the Servitor's head" close to the Fortress Monestry's armoury at the time.

Chapter Colours
The armour of the Chapter has been unpainted since the Great Artificer Crisis with the exception of the shoulderpad which is painted red.

The exact organisation of the Chapter depends on which Chapter that they have decided they are currently Successors of.

"Everyone, remember where we parked!"

Chapter Traits

Unknown Progenitors
The Chapter uses whatever is the latest Codex to be released and alters it's organistion to suit.

Shoddy Workmanship
Since losing their dental plan the servitors and chapter serfs have become slackers. Where once they took pride in their positon within the chapter they've come to realse that the Battle Brothers are overbearing, arrogant jerks and little attention is paid to the finer points of weapon and armour construction.
Any model may include moldlines on their armour or weapons at no additional cost (and sometimes barrels aren't drilled out either).

This is just a fun mini-log I'm putting together out of spare bits for a spoof command squad I'm making based on armies that I have fought against over the years (including my own stuff).
The rest of the five man command squad will include spoofs of other stero-typical model types often seen in armies.
It's not quite the Emperor's Pointy Sticks but it's proving to be a fun project whilst working on my Pre-Heresy Night Lords.

WIP Supreme Grand Chapter Master Slab Benchpress (Character model with too much wargear)




This is Supreme Grand Chapter Master Slab Benchpress.
Slab Benchpress is the current Supreme Grand Chapter Master and has been in charge of the chapter for the last two weeks after the previous Master "popped out to the store for some milk and smokes" and never returned.
The idea behind the model is that he's got far too much wargear and as he's swung the hammer he's trying not to topple over backwards.

Next Up: (Former) Emperor's Champion Brother Large McHuge.
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Postby Aelix Eisenhorn » Sun Apr 15, 2007 6:06 pm

Great Chapter, humours. "remember where we parked!" classic.

so what sort of initiation is there to this chapter? Do you possibly:
a)See how many Holy Beers you can fit in your armor
b)See how many Holy Beers you can stomach
c)Just happen to be holding a beer
or something else perhaps?
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Postby Doghouse » Sun Apr 15, 2007 7:31 pm

Thanks mate! :)

How about a beer mat flipping competition or how many pretsels can you stuff in your mouth in one go??? :lol:

WIP Bruvva Grimtoof (Proxy Marine)


Something about Bruvva Grimtoof isn't quite...well...right. Like so much of the Chapter's history little is known of his origins but he turned up claimiing to be a lost member of the Chapter. Coincidently it was just about the same time as the CSK(od) departed from Armageddon.
He had his own set of power armour (which was suspiciously like Brother Redshirt's armour before he went behind a large rock on his own to check for energy readings and was never seen again) so they figured his story checked out.

Bruvva Grimtoof is a proxy marine. These are the models that players use to "represent" a marine when they don't have enough models. Rather than just use an Ork model I decided to give him a crude form of power armour so that he can pass himself off as a marine. I've given him a bolt gun metal basecoat and a quick wash of a brown ink/blazing orange mix.
I'm going to have to go back and tidy him up first before tackling the highlights and stuff.
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Postby Que Dan » Mon Apr 16, 2007 4:58 am

You should make a whack-a-daemonic-mole machine for that Chapter Master. Then it would rock even harder.
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Postby Ghost Fist » Mon Apr 16, 2007 1:43 pm

I remember these from WIP.
Your work with the Grey Death Legion was astonishing, Doghouse!

And this is the same, just with humour instead!

Very good, very good, and I hope to see more of your work around here.
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Postby Deus Est » Mon Apr 16, 2007 4:33 pm

Doghouse wrote:How about a beer mat flipping competition

Woo! That means I can be a space marine! (I once did thirty at once - god that was a night)
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Postby Doghouse » Mon Apr 16, 2007 8:11 pm

Cheers guys! :)

Que Dan: :D Nice idea!

Ghost Fist: I'd forgotten about the Grey Death Legion, that was a really fun project to work on. I've been a lurker on this forum for ages and there are some really nice armies on show. I'll definately be posting more often, I'm a big fan of TSOALR.

Deus Est: Sounds like you're over qualified for these guys. :D
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Postby Chapter Master Pavlov » Mon Apr 16, 2007 9:30 pm

wow... awesome... that smilie face detail is amazing... awesome...
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Postby ragingpotato » Mon Apr 16, 2007 11:29 pm

Great army, the chapter master looks awesome and I just lover Bruwa Grimtoof.
Which gives me an idea involving the new plastic black orcs and some space marine sprues...
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Postby Doghouse » Sun Apr 22, 2007 2:20 pm

Cheers guys! :)

D'oh! I think I've posted this in the wrong forum, if there's a mod out there could you move it to 40k gaming as it's still a WIP army. :)
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Postby Dufflious » Mon Apr 23, 2007 7:01 pm

You've got yer fluff up in it, it's fine.

Awesome modelling. Nice work.

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Postby Brother Bryan » Tue Apr 24, 2007 12:31 pm


Wow thats good
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Postby Aelix Eisenhorn » Wed Apr 25, 2007 6:35 pm

uhhh what is a beer mat?

Is it something british?

how do you flip one? 0_0

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Postby sticky_like_cheese » Thu Apr 26, 2007 5:42 pm

excellent work dude. you've inspired me to do something like that guy with the thundser hammer (supreme master bench press or something) but with a guardsman
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Postby Doghouse » Thu Apr 26, 2007 7:03 pm

Thanks guys. :)

Dufflious: Thanks, I thought I better check.

Aelix Eisenhorn: A beer mat is a coaster that you put under your glass when drinking in a bar. Beer mat flipping is when you stack them on the edge of the bar/table and flip them up in the air with a backhand motion.
The idea is to catch the entire stack in the same hand, the one who can catch the most is the winner.

WIP (Former) EC Large McHuge.



Back when the Chapter believed that it was a Successor of the Black Templars Brother McHuge held the position of Emperor's Champion.
However, since they decided they were in fact Dark Angels Successors he has been reduced to the rank of Company Champion.
McHuge constantly goes on about the good old days like when he single handedly killed a Carnifex, telling the same old stories over and over again much to the frustration of the other brothers.
The idea behind this WIP piece is that whilst the battle rages around him he's snagged his cloak on a piece of wreckage and no-matter how hard he tries he can't get it free.
I've pretty much completed the top of the cloak but still need to properly finish the bottom.

Speaking of fluff the following story sets the scene for the theme of the army. It'll be modeled around the Vengist IV Campaign.

The following material should not be viewed by anyone of a fragile disposition.
I was looking through my old Rogue Trader rulebook to find an obscure evil alien race that I could pit the CSK(od) against in a campaign to theme the models of the army. I needed an original foe so terrible that it's existence had passed into nightmarish legend, a foe so terrible that mothers would tell disobediant children of their existance to frighten them into compliance.

This is an official 40k race and you have been warned...

]The Scouring of Vengist IV

The battle barge hung in high stationary orbit over Vengist IV like an ornate silver dagger poised to plunge deep into the heart of the planet.
There would be no time for pleasentries with the Imperial nobility of the ruling caste of the Agri-world below.
There would be no parades, no fanfares annoucing the arrival of the legendary Astartes, such was the urgencey of their mission that even debarking by Thunder Hawks or Drop Pods was out of the question.
They were Angels of Death, the Emperor's rightious fury and they would decend apon the planet below like angry gods of war. This was a surgical strike straight to the heart of the Governor's palace from where they would establish a beach head to eradicate their foe.

The Governor's office was illuminated by a blinding white light that chilled the air, permafrost formed instantly over the ancient bookcases that lined the walls of the stately room that the light had touched.
The Governor stared in frightened disbelief as the light faded to reveal a circle of metal giants, Terminators of the Adeptus Astartes, their stormbolters raised they began scanning the room as they established their surroundings.
The giants strode forwards, the servos of their magnificent armour whined, great foot falls echoed around the chamber as they stomped forth to establis a perimenter at each of the four doors leading from the office.
The Governor, a skilled and passionate orator who had lead the planetary senate in debate countless times and who's very words had stirred millions of Imperial citizens, was for the first time in his life truely lost for words.

At the center of the circle stood a lone Astarte, his armour although similar in hue to those of his comrades was suprisingly spartan. His torso and right arm were completely unarmoured, the emblem on his single shoulderpad seemed to depict a round yellow sun but it was hard to tell from a single glance in the poor light of the room.
The Astarte stood before him like a mighty collosus, a legend of old both terrifying and awe inspiring. He was truely humbled by the Captain's presence.

"Forgive me Governor but there is little time for introductions," The Captain said as the Governor desperately tried not to wilt under the intense power of the giant's ice cold gaze "we intercepted your distress call and embarked with all haste!"
The Governor trembled as he attempted to reply. He stopped before the words could utter forth from his lips, his brow furrowed in bemusement.

"Dis...distress call?" He stammered.

"Yes, we received a distress call bound for holy Terra telling of a Xenos incursion. Although we are few in number we came as soon as we could!"

"I'm sorry...a distress call you say?" The governor repeated himself just to make certain what he was hearing was correct.

"Yes, it was bound for Terra via Astromican relay omega beta six three nine"

The rather puzzled Govenor retreated to his desk before perching his reading glasses on the end of his nose and began scanning through historical data backlogs.
"Ah, here we are," he exclaimed "it appears my predecessor dispatched an Administrium Adeptus Bioligicus Request form to the Agri-cultural Magos concerning an influx of a previously unseen xenos life form here on Vengist." he continued rather pleased with himself "The transmission is several centuries old, I'm afraid there has been a bit of a misunderstanding my leige." He smiled as he looked up from the scanner.

"What kind of xenos?" The Captain enquired.

The Governor tapped into key board and a single ray of light rose from the desk surface before blossoming into an image approximately eight inches high of an alien lifeform.

"THRONE!" The Captain exclaimed in horror "How big are these unholy terrors!"
The Governor paused before answering.

"Erm, it's a life sized image...they're called Ptera-Squirrels. They are quite cute actually, they feed mostly on insects that threaten our crops. My children keep one as a pet, they're perfectly harmless unless..."

"Unless?" The Governor's choice of words had peaked the Captain's interest.

"Well, unless they are threatened by natural predators in which case later generations will under go metamorphosis into vicious blood drinking carnivores...but that takes...well, decades."

"And where are these xenos located?"

"Well," The Governor continued "several kilometres to the north of the city beyond the valley known as the Hot Gates, about a million or so but they're mostly harmless." He smiled.

"SERGEANT!" The Captain bellowed "Contact the Battle Barge, I want all Thunder Hawks prepared for combat drop within the hour!"

"C...combat drop?" The Governor laughed nervously "Is that really neccessary?"

The Captain rested his knuckles on the table as he drew himself down to eye level with the Governor.

"Do you know what is written in the Holy Codex Astartes concerning foul Xenos?" He snarled as the table began to creak and strain under his enormous weight. The Governor stared blankly. "It is written...that the man wait...never allow wait a minute..." His eyes glazed over for a moment as he stared blankly ahead mumbling under his breath to himself "Well, it says Xenos are bad and must be destroyed!" he growled as he slammed his fist into the table splintering it's ornate laminate surface.
Standing upright he turned to walk away.

"What is it you are saying, you're going to attack the ptera-squirrels?" The Governor asked, not quite liking where this conversation was leading.

"We will bombard them from orbit, civillian collateral damage shouldn't be more than oh, sixty or seventy percent at most!" the Captain remarked casually.

"SIXTY OR SEVENTY PERCENT!" The Govennor screamed in disbelief.

"Hmm, perhaps you are right these could prove a worthy opponent for the Chapter a land based assault would only amount to a casulaty rate of five to one in our favour!"

"NO!" The Governor's face was turning a bright scarlet "I will NOT sanction this action, I will launch a protest with the Administratium!"

Maximus froze in midstep. The Administratium, feth! That could lead to an Inquisitional enquiry and then the Cosmic Space Knights (of doom) might be made to explain for losing those damn STC templates.

"I strictly forbid you to land an army on Vengist soil!"

"Very well," Maximus retorted "I shall do as you request but just one thing..."

"Yes my leige?" The Govenror replied.

"The journey has been long and ardous, might I ask that my personal guard of three hundred and I be allowed to stretch our legs here on your beautiful planet?"

"Of course, I shall provide you with a personal escort..."

"That will not be neccessary Governor!" Maximus interrupted politely "I thought my men might want to go for a brisk walk, say several kilometeres north of the city, to say...oh I don't know...the Hot Gates?"
With that he turned smiling to himself, his Terminators falling in behind him as he left the Govenor alone in his office and prepared for war.
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