Doom Angels

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Doom Angels

Postby Aarghal » Wed Aug 13, 2008 5:05 pm

Hello you all happy tax payers

First, let me introduce my self.
I'm Aarghal, french player and painter since 2003.
Mostly painter because I play 10 times... a year.

I created this post to present my new army progression.
All the pictures are from my blog (which is in french).

Here is the first try:


For 12 years, I wanted to have an army based on the DarkAngels.
But not the actual colors but the oooldy colors.
With red guns, red symbols and red shoulder borders.

Because I founded to much restrictions in the Dark Angels codex, I decided that this army will not be a Dark Angels Chapter. They will be a codex chapter, the Doom Angels.
My blog:
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