3 army special, Orks, Space marine, guard Oh my

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3 army special, Orks, Space marine, guard Oh my

Postby Darkmolerman » Mon Jan 12, 2009 9:31 am

Ok I came up with this on the fly, if anyone can fluff check me it would be nice

Pics coming soon :shock:

The orks
The merkenariez is a Ork mercenaries army composed of orks from other armies to fight under a cybork warboss called Ol' Iron klaw. The tactics of the army is, ATTACK, they have Nobz for smashin war bikers to attack fast and Battle wagons to smash and kill. The army is mostly a dakka army, by the end of the fight they collect the shells and bullets and use that as their currency instead of teeth from fallen orks. Their worst enemy is the Imperial guard and space marine armies that are in the same planet cluster (oh yes thos are my armies as well).

The Imperial Guard
The Death Company is a sect of the Death Korps of Kreig. The Death Company was made after their ship lost it's thruster control and became a small space station orbiting a un-inhabited plant. Being stuck in orbit made their skin turn into a bleached bone color. After years of slight radiation from the harsh area of space they all look vaguely undead, because of this they use it as war paint.

Space Marines
The Emperor's power sword is a army that was once part of the ultra marines but after the many years after the hours heresy and fighting in space the only thing that ties the EPS(emperor's power sword not the other EPS) has to its original chapter is a hatred of all things Xenos and honor guards.
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