The Phoenix Guard

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The Phoenix Guard

Postby NightLord48 » Thu Nov 02, 2006 7:18 pm

yea well heres my old Space Marine army called Phoenix Guard.

The Phoenix Guard is a sucessor chapter of the Imperial Fists. The suceccor chapters are the only chapters they really get along with because of their unorthodox tatics and some mutation. It was reserched by the Inquistion, but they later found out it was from their home planet. They are orignally from the planet of Koribis, a swampy deathworld with many deadly creatures. The planet is almost impossible to reach, for you must cross the warp and be cautious of random Warp Storms. There is only one city on Koribis, in which the Phoenix Guard guard protect. The capital of Koribis is Korallis. The exact location is only known by the citiziens of Korallis. The Phoenix Guard is known for improvising when needed because since they are so far away from reaches of the Imperium, like "borrowing" a Tau Battlesuite or something else of need. they are also known for gurilla warfare tatics, because of their planet. Also they are the only space marine chapter in that every brother has a personal cloaking device.

There was only one recorded incidient where there Korallis was discovered by an enemy. Orks from the army, Evil Sunz stumbled to the planet of Koribis. They did they're normal tatics of throwing ships at the planet to find life so they could kill it. This caught the city and the Phoenix Guard off-guard. The Phoenix Guardsmen had to mount a ferice resistance, in which the Soul Drinkers came to their aide. The gurilla warefare was used to a max during this battle. Eventually the horde was repelled and the planet was safe again, but many brothers were lost during this battle.

There are currently only 148 members of the Phoenix Guard still in service. many were killed or too wounded to ever fight again. But this doesn't stop them from fighting. They often leave the planet to help or aide nearby planets. since all the planets nearby are deathworlds, they are able to use there tatics there.

The Phoenix Guard is not seperated by marking, but by color of backpacks. Troops are blue, Veterans are black, and Ork Veterans are Silver, Assault are black with orange stripes down they're jetpack, and Command are gold. Also they have no chapter emblem, but each shoulder pad has three black stripes to give honor to the Third Termanator squad who almost single-handly drove back the invasion of orks.

go ahead and use them. Doesn't matter how. its all good.

So how was that? i just made that off the top of my head, so don't be too harsh.

but yea. heres Veteran Sgt. Mickalus, Sgt. Thrall, and Trooper Euticu. ... G_0147.jpg

heres Terminator Trooper Critheral, Assault Sgt. Panthikus, and Assault Trooper Iduakis. ... G_0145.jpg

also sorry if the pix are too big, this is my frist time uploading to the forum.
also sorry for the bad camera quality. stupid camera.
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Postby Selezen » Fri Nov 03, 2006 10:35 am

It CLEARLY states in the Rulz post for this forum that pictures should be no bigger than 600 pixels across.

I've removed the pictures until you can meet this criteria.

If you can't, then host them somewhere and ONLY post the URL of the images to click on.
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