Paint Station and Imperial Dogs of War

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Paint Station and Imperial Dogs of War

Postby Skinnattittar » Tue Jan 22, 2008 11:47 pm

Well, showing off our painting areas and some of our works is becoming popular, I'll through my hat in :


As you can see, there is an organized CHAOS on the table. Actually, there are no forces of the ruinious powers on my desk, there is no chance I would allow such taint on my prestine work space.

I use an old pizza box lid cut off the box with the lips pulled up and wired together to protect the desk top. The lamp is a halogen reading lamp which produces a bright white light. Two Pepsi cans with their tops cut off hold painting brushes and cleaning brushes. A gallon Gatorade jug is used to hold my cleaning water. The mouth is wide enough to thrash the brush about and it has a useful handle around the mouth so it can be more steadily moved from sink to desk. I used to keep the lid too, but it was lost at some point.

Behind it you can see a smelter I made out of a Sprite can and a small candle.


Ah, here are some of the Imperial Dogs of War now. These are generally just a mix of the different color patterns and daublings I've done as of late.

Here : ... AM0074.jpg
Are a collection of the different color schemes I went through of Armageddon troopers. One is the classic Bleached Bone with Scorched Brown and Chaos Black trimming. Next is a OD green I developed before they came out with “Catachan Green,” nearby is a Catachan Green version of the same trooper. Both have brown and black trimmings. There is also a trooper in what I refer to as “Mud Gray” with brown trimmings holding an RPG (not a missile launcher), the troopers in the HB pit are the same colors. The bricks are made out of aluminum punches from a machine shop. There was a thick piece of scrap metal that I sent through a CNC machine (part of that mysterious STC?) so I have thousands of them if anyone is interested. They are painted Red Gore with black ink. I did the pits before I started paying attention to bases. The last trooper is in Terracotta with Scorched Brown and Catachan Green camouflaging, that one’s base was done before I got it.

And Here : ... AM0075.jpg
Are some others. The two Space Marines are from my Dark Angles Space Marine Chapter army. The one on the left is a veteran and therefore he wears a “purer” colored paint scheme with Chaos Black and Skull White plating, an Enchanted Blue branch right shoulder guard recognizing that he is in an Infantry based company with a Blood Red troop insignia. To the Marine’s left you see a regular painted DASM of the same chapter with Dark Angles Green and Bleached Bone motif. The Lascannon is in a similar pit as the previous HB team and of the same colors. The IG Commander in the back is painted to reflect his rank and seniority, as is the rest of his command team (not shown) in a Red Gore storm jacket with brown trimming. Next to that model is a Commissar sporting a Regal Blue storm coat instead of the regular Chaos Black (I simply thought it looked better and when I painted my Commissars their coloring was not written in the rule books).

Some more : ... AM0076.jpg
In the far top left and also in the previous picture you can see a member of the command team with a grenade launcher and unit banner (back when they could be the same trooper). Also in the Red Gore storm jacket. Forward and to the right is an old Cadian Mortar and Autocannon with crewmen, basic black for these fellows. There is also a Catachan Sniper in old “OD Green” and “Mud Gray.” Next is the pair of old Storm Troopers. One is in “OD Green” and “Mud Gray,” the other has some history. He was painted just after 11 September 2001, two days after in fact. He was painted in a desert motif of Bleached Bone, Bestial Brown with Codex Gray trimming. No other troopers were given this scheme and it will probably remain in that scheme.

Last one of this group : ... AM0077.jpg
Left Cadian is in desert motif, done as a simple test of a possible color scheme when my local gaming store (now closed) made a desert table that I was skilled at using. Unfortunately they closed and the Bleached Bone with Dwarf Flesh mottling and Bestial Brown trimming was never fully utilized. Next is the arctic camouflage, done simply as a test. The last two were serious attempts. The left trooper is done with base Scorched Brown with Bestial Brown and Catachan Green mottling, and Snakebite Leather trimming. The other is Catachan Green base with Bleached Bone, Scorched Brown, and Chaos Black grouped striping. The latter scheme was used in other tests, but the Scorched Brown base was ultimately used.


Ah, the golden oldies. Here we have Nork Deddog with a Vindicare Temple Assassin. Obvious paint schemes, Nork is a recent redo from way back, and the assassin is a “finally finished” situation. Both are fresh from the table with classic base paint and flocking.


Here we have some more classics; Lord Solar Macharius and Confessor Ulric, before Confessor Ulric became the regular Confessor/Missionary model, and a Deathwing Terminator in more classic paint schemes. I’d read in many novels that Imperial Clergy were dressed in green tunics and robes with red flourishes. Confessor Ulric is painted with a Dark Angles Green robe with Bleached Bone linings, Regal Blue tunic, and Red Gore adornments. The mace was first painted black then carefully dry brushed and detailed in Shining Gold, trimmed with Mythril Silver, it counts as a Power Fist/Weapon which is justified as it being both powered, anointed, sacred, and of large size and mass. I’ve yet had someone object. I am particularly proud of the skull at the end of the staff, a tiny detail that is often overlooked, but it came out great in my mind. The Terminator is a classic color scheme of Skull White.


Ah! A special assignment kill team! We have two Scouts, a suit of Terminator Armor, two regular suits of Power Armor suits, and two recon agents.

The Scouts and Terminator Armor : ... AM0089.jpg
The two Scout boys are done in a special lot of my “Mud Gray,” which I’ve made into special clothes dyes and face paints for night ops. This lot is a bit bluer and muddy, which removes the silhouette, the Dark Angles Green, Scorched Brown, and Bestial Brown mottling help join the image with natural colors at night, linking the shape more into the background. They were then decked out with extra pouches, grenades, and the Scout in the rear is carrying an extra weapon, a modified Lasgun listed as a shotgun, both carry IG rucksacks. The Terminator was painted Catachan Green with Terracotta and Scorched Brown striping, finished up with a Bleached Bone mottiling. He has an assault cannon and storm bolter, the storm bolter acting independently of the assault cannon. He also carries the main vox caster of the squad and a IG rucksack, not to mention a number of pouches and grenades, one has a shorter range vox caster for ranged support and recon.

Recon! : ... AM0088.jpg
These two dudes are cream of the crop light infantry. They are all camoed up in Scorched Brown with Catachan Green and Terracotta striping schemes. There was some good “green stuff”-ing done here. The Catachan carries the rounds for an RPG launcher and an autogun converted from the basic Lasrifle. I used a bit of black plastic left over from the old black plastic sprues for the IG treads pressed in a pair of needle nose pliers to make the reinforcing beads. They both carry rucks, one a converted tank accessory pack, and are festooned with extra pouches and grenades.

Power Armor Heavy Infantry : ... AM0087.jpg
These two nasty blokes are in the test paint schemes from the Cadian earlier shown. They are carrying bolters with folding stocks and scopes, and one has a shorter ranged vox caster for ranged support and recon, the other an RPG launcher. They both have extra pouches and grenades, not to mention side arms and blades and rucks.



The big one is a child’s toy written in on the Vehicle Conversion Rules as a massive troop transport and super heavy tank with “super” weapons. The far one is a flame tank, the other is an emplaced Basilisk converted from a regular Basilisk I painted a long long time ago.

The base is made from a toy stand and turns on a plastic bottle cap as shown below.
The cap is modified to hold the turret in place so the piece doesn’t slip out.

Power sword painting seems to be of intense interest and I’ve seen some pretty spotty looking ones in my time. But this example of the one I did on the IG commander is one that I liked.
The effect was done in multiple stages. First was a base coat of Regal Blue, then the first level of effect was painted in Enchanted Blue. This was traced over on a slight offset of Ice Blue and finally Skull White was used to top off the effect.

Most of these models have been recently touched up or redone, others are older and spottier, not to mention the poor quality of the pictures. However, a comment and a suggestion are always welcome. So please, make a comment and/or a suggestion would be appreciated.
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Postby sticky_like_cheese » Tue Apr 08, 2008 7:23 am

That looks really nice. Doesn't seem like a legal army, but paint and model-wise it's looking cool.
Space marines look pretty cool in catachan green.. Those Imp' guard heavy weapon placements you converted are looking quality.
Nice work.
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Postby Dufflious » Tue Apr 08, 2008 3:45 pm

*Stamps with a large rod of approval*

Very nice! Always good to see other peoples painting's here. I like your power-sword method. Although I must say I won't use it as I am not buying a shade of blue I will only ever use for that purpose ;P Check out mine, you might like it, unless you've already seen it.

And legal stuff's overrated. As a GW manager once told me "In this store, we take the rules as a guideline and then do what's fun"

It's all down to that, eventually.

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