Witchhunters Army

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Witchhunters Army

Postby DarthStabber » Tue Apr 28, 2009 12:02 pm

So I have need of Ideas for a big witchhunters army. Fluff constrains a Little but as long as there is a guard unit, my inquisitor and his retinue, and a cannoness the list is then fully mutable.

Inquisitor Lord Jebediah Stone

Inquistor lord (Inferno Pistol, power Sword, Psychic Hood, Any Psychic power, Rosarius, frag grenades)
Acolyte (power Armor, bolt pistol, frag grenades)
Priest (Power Armor, Rosarius, Bolt Pistol, CCW, frag grenades)
Land Raider

Cannoness Veronica Alario
Plasma Pistol, Power Sword, Jump Pack, frag granades, Meltabombs

Everything else is like I said Mutable. Vehicles I possess (only one of each): Immolator, Rhino, exorcist, land raider, chimera, baal class predator, Razorback, and Leman Russ, if possible I don't want to buy any more vehicles. My guard stuff consists of the aforementioned Chimera and Russ, and a ton of infantry models (from mixed regiments, so you see Tallarn and Vostroyans fighting side by side). I have enough sisters to make just about any thing in any formation, with any equipment option (except sister superiors, of which all of mine are chain sword and plasma pistol, and i have like 8-10 of those), I have 1 squad of storm troopers, 2 squads of Seraphim, 1 squad of sisters repentia, 1 squad of grey knights, and another inquisitor (Power sword, and Inferno pistol). Can any one help me hammer this into an army
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Postby Dufflious » Thu Apr 30, 2009 12:33 pm

You've got a few problems from the outset that need addressing. Firstly, -how- big an army do you want? What have you prepared so far that you'd like to see?

It's one thing to say "Guys, can you help me tweak this army list" but another entirely to say "this is what I have, do my work for me". I'm not sure if that's what your intent is, but it's certainly coming over as much.

So if you want generic, big army, play everything you have and give it all the bonus gubbins.
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Postby DarthStabber » Thu Apr 30, 2009 5:25 pm

Well the Intent is 4 a 2000 point army.
Squads 2 include
Inquisitor lord w/retinue - as previously posted
Cannoness - solo w/jumppack
Sister Squads - at least 2 (I need troops and HATE stormtroopers)
Dominion squad - 4 stormbolters + sister superior with plasma pistol + immolator with flamthrower
Seraphim Squad
Vindicare assassin
Some IG stuff to include a leman russ (have not seen the new codex, but i understand that Armored fist squads went away, so now i dont know what to do)

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