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Postby ChaosTides » Sat Sep 01, 2007 4:57 am

dude...thats not even warhammer..
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Postby Supersonik » Sat Sep 01, 2007 9:27 am

*sigh* unfortunately some people fall to the darkside and go into permanent tourney mode and forget that the 'game' is about having fun.

And anyone that questions 'its not warhammer' then remember your on a site that poked fun at this very thing (Coke Bottle Carnifex etc?) and io bet you accepted and laughed at that.

Admittedly id have been more impressed if it was GW parts painted/converted instead of just proxying a list but its still a cool idea.
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Postby 666thHeretic » Tue Nov 06, 2007 3:23 am

Father Joe wrote:I love you guys. (stfu, pervs)
Aw, I was going to make a joke about that...
Father Joe wrote:I posted this on a couple other 40k sites and recieved alot of flak from die-hards. All this praise quickly equalizes the scales!

Happens with any hobby game, I'd imagine. A few will praise you for skill/creativity/etc, the rest are going to go "omg u runed 40k 4eva!!!1!"

Also, typing like an idiot is much harder than you would expect.
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Postby gorkamorka » Sun Jan 06, 2008 5:34 pm

ROFL, that is the best army ive seen (or at least the funniest)
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Postby kamikaze watermelon » Wed Dec 02, 2009 6:07 pm

Shoot first, shoot later and if its still moving shoot some more. Then ask if anybody has any questions.
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